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Living the Christian Call - Prophecy and Witness

Good afternoon. It is very encouraging to see you all coming together as a Presentation family and to be part of this experience and to witness the richness with which your faith graces the work that you do. I have known of the Presentation sisters for many years and of the wonderful work which you do here in Ireland and across the world, and of course your foundress, Honora “Nano” Nagle, who worked incessantly and against all the odds, was declared venerable on 31 October 2013 by Pope Francis. I am sure that that was moment of great rejoicing for you, and an extraordinary affirmation not only of Nano Nagle, but also of her legacy and all of you and the work which you do are part of her legacy.

You asked me to talk today about ‘Living the Christian call: prophecy and witness’. I found this slightly challenging. So I went away and read about prophecy and witness. It was confusing. Then I found this statement about a man I admire very much. His name is Jean Vanier and I met him one day in Derry when he came to speak to about a thousand 16/17 year olds in the Millennium Forum. His theme was very simple “Jesus loves you.” Have you seen him? He is very tall and very thin, and a bit dishevelled!

Then he began to talk and he talked for about 50 minutes on the theme ‘Jesus loves you’, and you could have heard a pin drop.

He ambled on to an empty stage and sat on the only piece of furniture on it - a tall bar stool. Then he explained that he was so old that he needed to sit down. Then he began to talk and he talked for about 50 minutes on the theme ‘Jesus loves you’, and you could have heard a pin drop. None of the normal shuffling and whispering and texting etc! Just absolute silence. It was extraordinary. Until, having told his life story and explained who he was and what his life had been, he asked the question, “who could love me?” and a little voice...

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A form of life, a path that one walks. It is a way of seeing, a frame of mind, an attitude

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